Adding a theme to your event is so much more than merely placing a few random items around the room and hoping to create a bit of extra ambience. No with Drums and Rhythm adding a theme to your event means you are transporting your guests into another world. Our themes come to life through the course of the evening as performers live the theme and enthral your guests.

Shebeen Theme:

Let us create a fun filled evening for your guests with an authentic live shabeen theme.

Why not start your function with an interactive drumming and gumboot/African dance where your guests participate. Outfits and props are provided to match the theme of your event.

Experience a choice/combination of a spaza shop of the ghettos, an upmarket lounge, a hotel or a true shabeen style bar. In addition, you can have live artists performing various traditional dances like Zulu, Kofifi and gumboot. Alternatively you could also have a Dj, Jazz band, drummers or experience an authentic sangoma show.

We also work with a venue to create the menu to go with your event.

This will surely be an event your guest will never forget.

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