Team Drumming & Zulu Dancing Combo

Drumming has been part of our lives before the flame was found and Zulu dancing is part of South Africa’s very prominent heritage. Learn from the drums and the rhythms to motivate and build your team from root level. Of course we need to enjoy ourselves in the work place too. Try your hand at celebrating as the Zulus do.


How does it work?

  • We will provide traditional attire to your delegates. The men will wear traditional Zulu skirts, headgear, armbands and shin garters made from cow skins. The ladies will wear Zulu material skirts, aprons and shoulder throw-overs.
  • The whole team will do 45-minutes of Interactive Dlamo (Zulu) Drumming and then another 45-minutes of Interactive Zulu Dancing.
  • During the drumming session the delegates will learn  a traditional Zulu drum beat and a traditional song, and during the dance session, the delegates learn a choreographed traditional Zulu dance and a traditional song.
  • This will end on a high note, with the company performing as a team, with enthusiasm and synergy, culminating into an event of drums and dance – an experience never to be forgotten.
  • Depending on the size of the group, we will split them into smaller groups, demonstrating the importance of teamwork, motivation, communication and group synergy.
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