Team Drumming & Gumboot Dancing Combo

Imagine drumming and dancing with your fellow delegates who you know in the everyday office environment at work and now get to show your ability to drum and dance as a team. Gumboot dancing was created in the mining era of Johannesburg to celebrate and entertain one another in their free time in the shebeens and social areas after the long hours of hard work underground.

How does it work?

  • Each delegate will dress into an overall and a pair of gumboots with bottle top shakers.
  • The whole team will do 45-minutes of Interactive Drumming and then another 45-minutes of Interactive Gumboot Dancing. (please remember a thick pair of socks)
  • During the drumming session the delegates will learn two basic rhythms, a break and a traditional song, and during the dance session, the delegates learn a choreographed traditional gumboot dance and a mineworkers song.
  • This will end on a high note, with the company performing as a team, with enthusiasm and synergy, culminating into an event of drums and dance – an experience never to be forgotten.
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