Team Drumming & Belly Dancing Combo

Belly dancing has its origins in Eastern and Middle Eastern nations. Its benefits are both mental and physical.

This is the perfect opportunity for the ladies of the company to perform to the drums played by the men in the company as they work together to create a harmonious result.


How does it work?

  • We will provide a drum for each male and various percussion instruments.
  • Each lady dancer is provided with a shimmy belt (Eastern hip scarf).
  • We will divide your group of delegates into two equal separate groups, a drum ensemble and a belly dance troupe.
  • The drummers will learn an Eastern drum rhythm, while the dancers learn an authentic choreographed belly dance sequence.
  • For the first hour the delegates will learn their specific rhythms/dance routines, and for the last ½ hour, our head facilitator, with more than 20 years experience, will bring the teams together to perform their own industrial theatre – the ladies dancing to the rhythm of the drums.
  • Individuals will also have an opportunity to perform solo.
  • This will end on a high note, with the company performing as a team, with enthusiasm and synergy, culminating into an event of drumming and dancing – an experience never to be forgotten!
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