3 Ways To Choose The Right Team-Building Experience

Some of us have met our best friends at work and forged enduring relationships which reach outside of the office walls. We braai together and gossip about Bill from sales, our kids play together and we go on weekends away. However, you have to agree that not everyone gets on at work. And it’s with this in mind that managers choose to engage in a team-building experience for their staff.
What Does Team-Building Do?
The ability to work as a cohesive […]

Diversity In The Workplace – We’ll Drum It Into You!

Diversity. It’s a word we hear often these days – especially in regards to employment practices. But do we ever really stop to think about what it actually means? Because diversity isn’t just part of some vague HR policy. And it’s so much more than simply being compliant with employment equity regulations. The concept of diversity in the workplace encompasses respect and acceptance. It means appreciating that everyone is unique and that we all have something meaningful to bring […]

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