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The Ultimate Team Drum Building Experience

Team Drum Building is based on learning how to communicate, negotiate and work as a team to build a common goal or drum.

Have you ever thought about how a drum is created?  Drums and Rhythm offer an team building experience that you will find hard to forget.  Drum building is a skill that can be re-created for years to come, and creating and owning a hand carved djembe drum is a fantastic achievement!

The Djembe Drum has a fantastic cultural […]

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Wedding Packages – Drums and Rhythm

For a day that’s ‘truly special’ in every way

Getting Married?

If you are planning your wedding day it’s easy to get caught up with lots of different stresses, but if you think about the main feeling you want to capture for all the guests it’s ‘having fun’.

Here at Drums and Rhythm we can provide entertainment that will have guests never wanting the day to end!  

A bride and groom always want to make their guests feel comfortable and relaxed – […]

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Team Building – Johannesburg

‘Make your team building rewarding and meaningful’

Team building can often take a ‘back seat’ as a company priority, due to financial restraints.  But what if you consider the fact that ‘team building activities’ are an ‘investment’ in YOUR BUSINESS.

Sometimes a hard-working team can suffer from low morale and just require a little boost to get them working at their best potential again.  They key reason why Drums and Rhythm can help your company is that we ensure all participants […]

Motivate Your Staff

‘Get Your Staff Motivated for 2019’

It’s that time of year again!  We all have GREAT PLANS for the year ahead – but how do we stick to them?  And how do we keep our staff motivated to succeed?

When it comes to motivating your team/staff it can become a difficult task if you don’t provide some inspiration for them.  It’s therefore essential you have a positive solution to create the best possible working environment that will make your staff members work efficiently.

So how can music/team […]


‘One Heart – One Beat – One Company’
If you are looking for an entertainment company who aims to please then read on!
Drums and Rhythm based in South Africa hold an outstanding track record for hosting high profile entertainment events covering all genres including bands, dancers, DJ’s, themed theatre shows, team building, and traditional african entertainment for product launches, corporate events and functions.
Our event management team take care of every step, finding the perfect ‘combination’ for your specific event.
We work […]

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The power of RHYTHM – NO LIMITS!

It’s no secret that if you are having a bad day, week, month or even year – music can be a quick fix to feel good again!  The effect of music on the brain is almost instant and can change your mood dramatically.
Research demonstrates that by playing and listening to music it can boost our mental well-being and actually improve our physical health.  Not only this music can make you smart! Did you know that consistent music lessons can […]

On Friday’s we dance!!

On Friday’s we dance in Samba-afro style 🥁🎶
Look at the energy and enthusiasm we all have during this video!!!
Why not book Drums and Rhythm for a corporate event, or maybe you or your team need some team building activities?
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Call us on 082 843 7118, or why not drop us an email for a quotation to

Why drumming works so well for team building – physiological effects that have social benefits 

Physiological Effects
There are many positive physiological effects of drumming.  It is scientifically proven to help build your immune system and relieve stress. It accesses your entire brain, and can make you smarter, and also synchronises the lower areas of the brain (non-verbal) with the frontal cortex (language and reasoning).   This in turn helps to produce feelings of awareness and conviction, and can bring on a natural “high” by increasing Alpha brain waves, allowing you to feel more calm and […]

Team Building and the Impact it has on Cohesion in a Socially Diverse Organisation

South Africa is known for its ethnic diversity and with 11 official languages; the country is a melting pot of cultures. Often referred to as the ‘Rainbow Nation’, South Africa is home to an interesting mix of citizens.
However, all this diversity can lead to cultural clashes. Diversity doesn’t just apply to race and gender. It also embraces political beliefs, age, physical ability, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, and socio-economic status. The biggest challenge with diversity is communication. A communication gap […]

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