Fire Dancers

Fire dancing, with so many variations and options, is a visually enthralling performance. If you really want to wow your guests look no further than this exciting dance style.

The fire dancers make use of various objects which have a wick attached making sure the flames lasts long enough to create the visual spectacle that is the art of fire dancing.

The various objects used include,  poi spinning, baton twirling, fire fans, staff, dragonstaff, fire hoop, torch and so many more. We also have fire eaters and fire breathers.

Music used for these performances can range from slow sultry to high tech and high speed dance.

There is a huge variety of options and the performance can be tailor made to suit your function/event.

It is important to make sure the venue is appropriate to the use of fire, with enough height and space for the safe use of fire.

The dancers do have the necessary safety equipment with them and are extremely diligent in the safety of their craft.

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