African Music Shop

Drums and Rhythm has been importing drums and percussion from throughout Africa since the late 90’s.

We have a variety of djembes for sale such as traditional djembes from Ivory Coast, Mali, Sengal and Ghana or order a professional djembe built by Eddie Bunting which has the perfect shell, climbing rope and skin.

Our djembe keys rings and necklaces are hand made in South Africa as well as our 5l Zulu “Riempie” Drums which can be branded with your company logo and given as a gift to each delegate.


  • Djembe Drum
  • Dun Duns (Base drum)
  • Kpanlogo Drum
  • Kidi Drum
  • Kadan Drum
  • Sogo Drum
  • Krokoto Drum
  • Atimawu Drum
  • Mtampane Drum
  • Tama Drum
  • Gume Drum
  • Gumbe Drum
  • Bugarabu Drum


  • Chekere
  • Juju Shakers
  • Rain Sticks
  • Didjiridoo


Key Rings – R39.90

Necklaces – R49.90

5l Drum (excluding print) – R99.90


Our experience team repairs all types of African drums. Please email our team at for prices on the repairs you may need or contact Eddie directly on 066 233 4154.

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