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Team Building – Johannesburg

‘Make your team building rewarding and meaningful’

Team building can often take a ‘back seat’ as a company priority, due to financial restraints.  But what if you consider the fact that ‘team building activities’ are an ‘investment’ in YOUR BUSINESS.

Sometimes a hard-working team can suffer from low morale and just require a little boost to get them working at their best potential again.  
They key reason why Drums and Rhythm can help your company is that we ensure all participants are working in the group as ‘equals’ all having fun ‘together’.

Circumstances/examples of Clients using our services:-

  • General underperformance in the workplace
  • Leadership style that is not working with current team members
  • Teams that are not prioritising the important items
  • Low morale and clashes of personality between individuals
  • Project failures due to low morale
  • Encouragement for team members to respond to a strong competitor (sales)

Positive Outcomes from our services:-

  • Formations of new teams / Merging of teams – enabling them to work together
  • Greater sense of cohesion between individuals within teams
  • Improved coordination in processes and greater productivity levels
  • Everyone working on the ‘same page’
Team Building Johannesburg - Drums and Rhythm offer many different activities

What is team building?

Sometimes defined as ‘a group of people, co-operation and working together.  Terms associated with ‘team’ are usually in relation to ‘synergy’ and it can be generally described as helping a group of people and enabling them to reach their goal.

Team building has the main goal of:-

‘Improving Team Performance’

A study was conducted with various organisations and obtained the findings that ‘highly engaged’ employees achieve ‘twice’ the net income per annum.  So how do you ‘engage’ with your workforce?

Get to know your employees

What makes them ‘tick’?  What makes them laugh? What are their aspirations on a personal basis?  What are their aspirations within the company, their long term career plans?  

Once you know your employee it’s easier to work out a strategy about how you achieve the best from them.  

How do I get to know employees better?

A fantastic way to achieve this is via team building activities.  When people take part in something that is fun and engaging they are immediately placed outwith their comfort zone and tend to show their ‘true colours’ and let their guard down, relaxing and showing their personality.

How can I achieve engagement with my employees?

By using our services we can help improve your team performance by using simple bonding exercises to develop and maintain teamwork within a group.  The aim of the activities we have on offer are to bring out the best in everyone by encouraging their own self development. Teaching them how to communicate positively, allowing them to showcase their leadership skills and how to solve problems as part of a team.

What we do to achieve company goals

  • Create an event that is ‘engaging’ and ‘motivating’ for participants
  • Ask/create questions that assist the group to make progress on all levels
  • Identify problems for further team bonding, etc
  • Demonstrating ways in which teams can work through issues methodically
  • Ensure all team members take on their appropriate responsibilities
  • Benefit the group emotionally – leave them feeling emotionally charged and happy!

Benefits of Team Building

We can help improve communication between colleagues and make the workplace a much more enjoyable place for everyone.  We encourage creativity, support, communication, trust and a positivity to ‘achieve’.

Drums and Rhythm encourage your employees through goal setting activities that they are ‘on the same page’ in regards to your proposed companies objectives.  Overall we can help overcome dysfunctional conflict between groups or individuals, turning the negative into a positive purpose for them.

There are a number of affordable team building activities on offer at Drums and Rhythm, and there really is something for everyone.  

We are here to recommend the best activities for your company based on your characteristics and goals.  Why not call us today for further information and to obtain a quotation – so you can get everyone working together again!

Get in touch with us:

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