‘Get Your Staff Motivated for 2019’

Motivate Your Staff

‘Get Your Staff Motivated for 2019’

It’s that time of year again!  We all have GREAT PLANS for the year ahead – but how do we stick to them?  And how do we keep our staff motivated to succeed?

When it comes to motivating your team/staff it can become a difficult task if you don’t provide some inspiration for them.  It’s therefore essential you have a positive solution to create the best possible working environment that will make your staff members work efficiently.

So how can music/team building activities motivate my team?


Music uplifts mood

It’s a well known fact that music is motivating, have you ever felt like you are having the worst day in history, nothing is going right, but your on the way home, you pop some music on in the car, have a sing-a-long, and suddenly life doesn’t seem so bad again?

Music as a whole can boost a team’s productivity and improve interactions between colleagues.  It’s also been proven in recent scientific research by ‘Mindlab International’ that music makes employees happier and healthier.  Not only this, it improves the speed and accuracy of tasks and develops their problem solving skills.

No matter what type of working environment you are in, staff are much more likely to reach their goals/deadlines and be able to prioritise their tasks more effectively if they are working as a team, and feeling positive and upbeat.  People that listen to music regularly are generally much happier individuals.

Music Increases Motivation

Music is a motivator and helps you recharge the body and mind. If staff are motivated they take more pride in their work, and are encouraged  to do the the job to the best of their ability.

Music improves focus

We all go through periods where we just can’t seem to focus on one thing at a time, and become distracted.  Music releases ‘dopamine’ in the reward centre of the brain, this chemical can help improve ‘focus’ – this is the same chemical produced when you eat your favourite food!  Music engages the body’s sympathetic nervous system, which prepares the body for challenges in our environment.

Music Improves Memory

It’s a scientific proven fact that music stimulates a part of the brain called the ‘hippocampus’ region, which actually improves your memory. This is the same area of the brain that controls ‘recall’ and ‘memory’ so this is always beneficial for staff remembering the tasks they have to complete.

Music Reduces Stress & Anxiety

If your staff is immersed in high pressure work, music can act as a calming influence and reduce their stress and anxiety – so what better way to motivate them than to book them on an interactive team building music/dance session with Drums and Rhythm.

Music Develops Camaraderie

Music pulls people together and increases employee morale, it can be used to build new friendships and develop existing friendships.  

Music Improves Employee Morale

Music has been proven to decrease pain and improve overall immune function.  


Improves Communication

It’s a well known fact that team building can break down barriers and aids the employees’ ability to work together, thus increasing productivity in the workplace.

Team building events can help lay the foundations for building a ‘strong team’ and encourage them to feel a strong sense of ‘belonging’ to your business, and loyalty to the firm.  

Set Visions

Our team building events can set out a “vision” for your business and make your staff feel part of this “vision”.  

Assists Challenges

Making groups work together in synergy encourages them to bond.  This is a particularly strong attribute when they are having to deal with challenging times in the workplace.  A more confident team leads to higher output and productivity. Putting your work force into an unfamiliar setting of something they have not done before (such as interactive drumming or gumboot dancing) will enable them to try something new and expand their comfort levels, pushing their confidence levels upwards.

Empower Your Employees

If you provide staff with opportunities to have fun, bond, and work together, this will help solve any staff problems you have, whilst allowing them to come up with innovative ideas.  Allowing them during sessions to identify what areas need improvement themselves, rather than dictating to them, it makes them feel invested in their success and team build sessions are all about positivity and seeing the best in everyone.

Cost Effective For Your Business

Team building sessions are a cost effective alternative to hiring and training in house staff, not only this, it will teach them long term habits that can benefit their health and therefore impacting on the level of sickness/absences.

As you can see from our breakdown, this is why music and team building exercises are a WINNING COMBINATION!!!!  


Productivity – Performance – Efficiency

According to Harvard Business Review ‘Social time turns out to be deeply critical to team performance, often accounting for more than 50% of positive changes in communication patterns’

YOUR TEAM will come away from the session laughing and smiling, but it doesn’t end there:  Music and rhythm have the power to unite like nothing else! Colleagues will be more connected, stronger and valuing each other with a new appreciation. Imagine how this can impact their Monday mornings – high performing teams achieve so much more!  Higher customer satisfaction also leads to higher profits for your business.

Teaching your team a new skill can often be viewed by the employee as a reward that they are ‘valued’ and an important part of your team.  Rewarding them with some fun time is a way of thanking them for their hard work and effort.

Let’s make 2019 your best yet! Get in touch today and book your team building sessions NOW!

Telephone: 082 843 7118 or email us: info@drumsandrhythm.com

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