The power of RHYTHM – NO LIMITS!

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The power of RHYTHM – NO LIMITS!

It’s no secret that if you are having a bad day, week, month or even year – music can be a quick fix to feel good again!  The effect of music on the brain is almost instant and can change your mood dramatically.

Research demonstrates that by playing and listening to music it can boost our mental well-being and actually improve our physical health.  Not only this music can make you smart! Did you know that consistent music lessons can in fact raise your IQ and keep our brains alert moving into old age.

Drumming can significantly improve your overall wellbeing in a number of ways:-

REDUCES Stress Levels, Tension and Anxiety

Listening to music DECREASES the levels of cortisol in your body (stress hormone) – this was a very significant medical discovery given that 60% of all disease and illnesses are caused by stress, and are a primary cause of life-threatening illnesses such as heart attacks, strokes and complete immune system breakdowns.

It also lowers blood pressure and puts your brain into a relaxed mental state overall improving stress, anxiety and tension levels.  Reducing levels of stress is very restorative to getting your body back into a normal balance, especially after illness.

REDUCES Depression

It increases ‘alpha waves’ in the brain, calming your mind, and is even being used now as a form of therapy for people with addictive personalities.

Music can help people with depression express and address deep seated emotional issues, with the physical side of the drumming producing an emotional release.

Drumming also helps us connect with others, sometimes people suffering from depression have made a conscious choice not to connect with others.  Group drumming creates a sense of community and can be a powerful experience to share, listening to each other.

Believe it or not a whopping 90% of people suffer from insomnia at some point in their lives, and more than 350 million people across the world suffer from depression.  Insomnia and depression go hand-in-hand, the less sleep you get the more depressed you can become.

Many studies have now been conducted that prove listening to music before bedtime reduced the levels of depression in subjects studied and helped aid their sleep, and even created more restful sleep for them.

And more than that – drumming is FUN!

Examples of the ‘Power of Rhythm’

Case Study 1

Eddie Bunting (Owner of Drums and Rhythm) strongly believes that he was healed by the ‘power of rhythm’ after he was diagnosed back in 1990 with an irregular heartbeat, heart murmurs and a leaking left ventricle in his heart.  Some 11 years on, in June 2001, Eddie’s Cardiologist conducted a further ECG and recorded the following ‘It has been alleged that Mr Bunting had chronic rheumatic heart disease. I find no evidence thereof. At best he has trivial mitral valve prolapse.  No treatment is required.’ He had been reassured, and from the time Eddie had his initial diagnosis in 1990, right up to 2001 Eddie had played the djembe drums every day of his life without fail!

The only way to explain the phenomena is that playing drums consistently had synced Eddie’s heart rhythm to the rhythm of the drum, healing the chronic disease he was diagnosed as suffering from.  Eddie is now 100% healthy and sharing the ‘power of rhythm’ with everyone across South Africa.

Case Study 2

If you have 2 pendulums ‘out of sync’ try putting them in the same room over a certain period of time and watch what happens!

Back in 1665 the Dutch Physicist ‘Christiaan Huygens’ was ill in bed and watching 2 of his own clock pendulums, he started to observe that no matter what he did to change the swinging of them within half an hour or so they ended up swinging in exactly the opposite direction from each other and were perfectly in sync.  It was found that the pendulums were influencing each other. Scientists have explained that the energy transfer is via the sound pulse.

Case Study 3

Another example of ‘synchronisation’ is in respect of women that live together for a period of time who begin to sync with their menstrual cycles.  It’s call the ‘McClintock Effect’. He found that women who lived together had the chance for their pheromones to affect each other, the most prevalent theory associated with this happening was that if the women had synchronised cycles they would all be fertile at one time so one man could reproduce with them all, and that groups of females would not be singled out, like a ‘protective’ feature mechanism.

Scientifically drumming serves as a distraction from pain, promoting endorphins and endogenous opiates (the body’s own painkillers)


Simple yet effective

The great thing about drumming is that everyone can do it!  It does not require any special physical abilities, or a need to read music, etc, it’s a universal activity for all.  

Drumming inspires and increases efficiency within people.


How can this help me/us?

We encourage people/employees to actively participate in ‘making music’ by playing instruments and singing boosts your immune system to a new high.  It has also been found that ‘just’ actively listening was not as effective as taking part in creating music.

If  your team need a boost to improve the moral and reduce stress levels in the workplace, why not get in touch with our experienced team for a quotation?

Music also strengthens empathy which is a skill required in high pressure workplaces and can improve compassion and relationships within teams.

Listen, play, sing and dance is the winning combination of medicine for EVERYONE – so why not ask about our combo team building days and do BOTH!


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