Welcome to the Drums and Rhythm website

We at Drums and Rhythm offer a wide range of team building activities using drumming and dancing to facilitate human potential through rhythm. We also offer a wide range of entertaining performances to suit your event or you can book one of our live themes or simply buy a drum to join our monthly drum circle with the family and friends.

Choose one of our interactive (everyone participates) activities like drumming, gumboot dancing, African dancing, Belly dancing or Fire dancing to highlight the importance of communication, team work, synergy, enthusiasm and to have fun in the work place.

Barriers like hierarchy, age, gender and race will be broken. Your work force will be re-charged and individual and team confidence will flow stronger than ever before. The way I see it is that if you damage the outside of your body then you can repair it at the phyio or orthopedic surgeon BUT if the inside gets damaged we can not reach inside so then the most effective way to heal and rejuvenate deep inside will be by drumming and dancing which manually triggers endorphins and stimulates both the conscious and sub conscious which directly heals physically, emotionally and mentally.

Remember that I personally facilitate every team build and have facilitated hundreds of interactive team build sessions with more than 20 years of experience to companies, schools, communities and institutions. I’ll encourage you to experience the most powerful team build in a short amount of time and I look forward to facilitating your team to reach their true potential through rhythm.

I trust you will enjoy your stay and find what you are looking for.
Kind regards, Eddie Bunting


Eqiup, empower and motivate


Facilitate human potential through rhythm


 Humility, Integrity & loyalty